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Waikiki, Cruise Ship Terminal, and Airport.

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per person age 3 and up

Betty Falecki
February 4, 2023

Rich Kressling was perfect! Great experience at Pear Harbor and the USS Missouri.

Rebekah Stought
November 16, 2022

We booked a Pearl Harbor tour with a city tour with Neolani. We had the best time! She was professional, knowledgeable and personable! We would highly recommend!

Travis Palm
March 20, 2022

Our tour guide was very well informed of Perl Harbor. She did a great job with our four girls, even getting my youngest some medicine when she was not feeling well. The tour made seeing the events a lot more informative and convenient to get around.

Half-Day Pearl Harbor Tour

Visit Pearl Harbor's Famous WWII Historical Sights

  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center 
  • “Attack on Pearl Harbor” Film Presentation
  • USS Arizona Memorial
  • Royal Iolani Palace
  • Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery

Half day Pearl harbor tour image. Tours of Pearl Harbor on Oahu can be scheduled almost every day.Your Pearl Harbor Tour begins when our well-trained tour guides meet you at the lobby of your hotel and greet you with aloha. As you drive to Pearl Harbor, you will listen to an excellent pre-recorded lecture given by a historian, on why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The drive to Pearl Harbor is approximately 25 minutes. 

At your arrival at Pearl Harbor, your tour guide will give you a presentation about the visitor center, some of the history and our expertise on how to navigate the visitor center, to achieve the best experience, while maximizing your time.

We reserved and secured your pre-ordered Pearl Harbor tickets to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. The Arizona Memorial program consists of a 23-minute video with real footage of the attack, followed by a boat ride to the site where the USS Arizona sunk. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Memorial for 15 minutes, read the names of the 1177 sailors and marines that died at the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941 You will also see oil from the ship, and the wreck of the USS Arizona. Guides are not permitted to accompany you during this portion of the tour.

After departing Pearl Harbor, we will briefly visit the grounds of the only royal palace in the United States – Iolani Palace, the former home of Queen Lili’uokalani, Hawaii’s final monarch and to the statue of King Kamehameha. We will drive through Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific honoring more than 33,000 soldiers who lie in rest within the crater of an ancient volcano, this setting offers inspiring panoramic views of Honolulu and Diamond Crater.  For more information about scheduling a Pearl harbor tour on Oahu contact us today!


On the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Only one day after the attack, on the afternoon of December 8, the U.S. declared war on Japan and entered the Second World War. A few days later, the U.S. also declared war on Italy and Germany.

The Hawaiian Islands consist of eight main islands and an additional 129 small islands and atolls in the North Pacific Ocean. They were, and are, a crucial strategic asset for the U.S. Due to limited fuel capacity during World War II, many airplanes couldn’t fly from North America to Asia as they do today. Therefore, Hawaii was a vital stopover for military hardware end route to the Pacific theater of war.


At the beginning of your private Pearl Harbor tour, our guides will play a lecture done by a historian with details and insights of why the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on December 7 of 1941. At your arrival to the Pearl Harbor visitor center our guide will give you an explanation with facts of the surprise attack and the best most effective way to navigate the visitor center to have a memorable experience. You will watch a 23minute-documentary movie with real footage of the attack, visit two indoors museums and walk around the outdoor displays.

The Japanese military forces had been trainingimage of the USS Arizona Memorial tour on Oahu, Hawaii. their pilots for months and “Operation Hawaii” was a very big secret in Japan. For a long time, the Japanese lacked a bomb that could penetrate the thick armor of U.S. battleships. However, they set their engineers to fix the problem. Over 140 Nakajima B5N2 torpedo bombers were used in the raid. In addition to an airborne attack by Japanese deck aviation, the Hawaiian Islands were also subjected to an attack by submarines deployed near Oahu. They were ready to destroy any U.S. ship that attempted to flee from the harbor during the aerial attack.

Pearl Harbor was attacked by 353 Japanese aircraft in two waves from six aircraft carriers. A third wave was planned but never executed. The Japanese objective was to bomb the American fleet so that it could not fight back. Most of the battleships were docked in the harbor and sustained damage from the Japanese planes that filled the sky. Although the raid only lasted 75 minutes, the Japanese damaged several American battleships, along with three cruisers, three destroyers, and an anti-aircraft training ship. A bomb smashed through the deck of the USS Arizona and caused the ship to explode and sink. Almost 200 American aircraft were destroyed, 2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 suffered severe injuries. The Japanese lost 29 aircraft, five midget submarines, and 64 servicemen. Even with the element of surprise, the Japanese failed to destroy the Pacific Fleet entirely. Most of the American aircraft carriers were away from the base, and most of the shipyards and submarine docks were left intact.

Not only did Pearl Harbor led to U.S. involvement in the Second World War, but it also ultimately led to the first and only use of atomic weapons in history. On August 6th, 1945 the US dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima and three days later dropped Fat Boy on Nagasaki. The ensuing unprecedented devastation precipitated the Japanese surrender on September 2nd, 1945.


Pearl Harbor is a must-do in Oahu, Hawaii. You will take a step into history and learn about the site of the attack that secured the entrance of the United States into the World War II arena. All our tour guides are very professional and knowledgeable about Pearl Harbor and our island home; they are all locals that are passionate about history and Hawaii and will make sure you have the best experience.


By booking with us we make sure you have the best and most memorable experience. We arrange your transportation in our comfortable, air conditioned, and very clean vehicles, we reserve your tickets in advance, provide you with clear souvenir bags, Pearl Harbor approved, so you can bring small items like your wallet, and cellphone with you into the park. We also provide you with cold water, snacks and the Ho’okipa (customer service) you deserve, all with our Aloha of Hawai`i. Personalized Hawaii tours will take care of all the details of your tour, so you can just learn and enjoy stress-free.  See our FAQ for more information about what to expect on our Pearl Harbor Tours.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the tour will be refunded with a 10% credit card service fee (if applicable). Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the tour will not be refunded. No shows will not be refunded. You are allowed a one-time reschedule for requests made more than 24 hours prior.

In the event that the USS Arizona ferry is not operational due to high-winds or debris or dock closure, no refunds will be offered.


per Person Min 2

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